PILOT:WAVE is collection of designers and makers who like to think a little bit differently about designing and making. 


We invite complexity into our methods as a challange to the everyday. We see opportunity to consider and question our enviorment through the lenses of multiplicty and variation, order and operation. We live in a globally dynamic society, so why should the environments around us be singular and static? We don't think they should, and we embrace the complexity in our lives as an opportunity to create works that function as we do. 


We approach projects with a mixture of investigation and experimentation. We explore ideas through pushing and pulling, bending and stretching, until we find the right balance. And we are relentless about exploring and experimenting. Our collective experiences in drawing, sculpture, ceramics, architecture, and fabrication [both tradtional and digital] provide a foundation for finding new intersections in material, program, and form. And because we play with both keyboards and

powertools, we find problems and possibilites that others may overlook.


We don't believe in singularity or exclusivity, be it in material or function. We experiment to find what we think works and to find out what doesn't. We think differently about our built environments and we work to help others think differentlyabout theirs too.


PILOT:WAVE was founded by Matthew Burke and Kyle Kennedy.